Product Support

We're there when you need us.

Even when you have the best tools in the industry, building high quality software is not a trivial exercise. We're ready to back up your efforts and our technology.

Community Support

Community support is available for NextApp open-source products. This support mechanism is provided primarily through the "Help and Support" forum of the Developer Forums. Additionally the Echo Wiki provides a space for user-contributed documentation.

Commercial Support

Commercial support provides a high-priority response to issues as well as general help with building applications using NextApp software:

  • Application Design Consulting - When your team would like assistance in designing an application on the Echo platform, NextApp can provide consultative services to help create a powerful and reliable architecture to build on.

  • Assistance with Technical Issues - If you find an issue with a NextApp product, we're here to help, right away.

  • Custom Component Development - NextApp can create custom components and modify our software to meet specialized requirements.

Please contact a NextApp representative to request information about or purchase support. Support can be customized to suit specialized needs.

Reporting Defects

If you have a support issue that you believe is due to a defect in a NextApp product, please report it in the Bug Tracking System. If the issue is urgent or private, please e-mail