Licensing and Pricing

This page provides information for EchoStudio3 for the Echo3 Platform. Visit the EchoStudio2 Pricing Page for information on EchoStudio 2.x versions for the Echo2 Platform.

EchoStudio3 pre-orders are available with a 20% discount (discounted prices shown). The purchased license key will work with the beta as well as release versions.
1 Developer License
5 Developer License Pack
10 Developer License Pack
25 Developer License Pack
All prices are listed in United States Dollars.

What's Included

  • EchoStudio 3.0 Product
  • One year of free upgrades to subsequent versions of the product (Bugfix-only releases are exempt from the one-year limit). For pre-orders, this upgrade eligibility period begins when the software is released.

Distribution and Licensing Features

Per-Developer Licensing - You simply purchase one license for each developer who will use EchoStudio.

Run-Time Licensing NOT Required - The software that you create using EchoStudio is built on the open source Echo platform, and thus can be redistributed royalty-free. You only need to purchase licenses for the developers working on the project who are using EchoStudio.

Instant Order Fulfillment - When you purchase EchoStudio, the full version will be available for immediate download right away. Online ordering means the store is always open.

Please read and understand the EchoStudio License Agreement before purchasing the software.