EchoStudio: Quick Start Guide

This document is intended to quickly immerse developers in building Web interfaces with EchoStudio. This guide assumes that readers have successfully installed EchoStudio using the Installation Guide, but does not require readers to be previously familiar with Echo or EchoStudio. This guide walks the reader through the development of a login screen.

1 Introduction
Introduces Echo and EchoStudio, then discusses the format of this guide.
2 Creating an Echo Project
Guides the reader through creating a new Echo project using the EchoStudio project wizard.
3 Form Layout
Introduces the Form Editor and walks through its usage to organize an application screen.
4 Assigning the First Screen
Describes how to assign the first screen of an application and launch your application within EchoStudio.
5 Events and Interactions
Discusses how to make your forms interactive using the event panel to listen for user events and take action.
6 Screen Navigation / Work Flow
Presents a pattern to make your forms reusable and separate the concerns of form processing and work flow.
7 Internationalization
Describes the Form Editor configuration panel and how to access resources inside ResourceBundles from the component property editor.
8 Using Styles
Introduces the Style Editor and discusses its use to apply consistent visual themes to your forms.