EchoStudio is an Eclipse-based rapid application development tool capable of creating web-based applications that work and act like rich clients. Building upon the power of the open-source Echo Framework, EchoStudio offers easy-to-use tools that enable developers to design more compelling user interfaces in less time. EchoStudio is available for both Echo2 and Echo3.

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October 8, 2009

EchoStudio 3 Beta2 Released

EchoStudio 3 Beta2 is now available. While the previous beta was largely a port of EchoStudio 2 to Echo3 with a few new features, this release represents a true re-imagining of the product.

New features include undo/redo support in both Form and StyleSheet editors, a completely revamped StyleSheet editor, a new default application theme, an internal web browser, and redesigned property editors, in addition to over 100 other enhancements.

EchoStudio is now packaged as an Eclipse feature, and can automatically update from within the Eclipse environment.

Pre-order pricing is currently available for EchoStudio3 purchases, with single licenses reduced from the standard price of $499 to $399. EchoStudio2 to EchoStudio3 upgrade pricing is also available at the discounted price of $199.