NextApp Products

NextApp's software development products enable enterprises to create Web-based user interfaces that rival the capabilities of "rich-client" or desktop-based applications.

Echo Platform

Echo is an open-source framework for developing rich web applications. From the developer's perspective, Echo behaves as a user interface toolkit--like Swing or Eclipse SWT. AJAX technology is employed to deliver a user experience to web clients that approaches that of desktop-based applications. Echo applications can be created entirely in server-side Java code using a component-oriented and event-driven API (applies to Echo2 and Echo3) or as client-side applications written in JavaScript (applies to Echo3 only).

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EchoStudio is an Eclipse-based development environment that enables rapid visual development of Echo-based web applications. It offers easy-to-use tools that enable developers to design more compelling user interfaces in less time. EchoStudio is distributed by NextApp under a commercial license.

Archived Products

See the Product Archive for old releases of commercial NextApp products, e.g., EchoStudio 1.0 and Sierra. Echo1 information remains available on